Arizona Coffee Shop Bridal Shower – Let Love Brew!

{A special event is always enhanced by a memorable venue}

At a recent Phoenix, Arizona Hoot and Holler Instagram meet and greet we had the happy opportunity to meet the vivacious and engaging Julia of Peixoto Coffee. As we chatted, (and sipped on some truly delicious coffee!) we discovered we were both local to the same Phoenix suburb of Chandler and when Julia found out we worked with event rentals she excitedly shared that they also host events after hours in their shop! We were totally intrigued on multiple levels! We love coffee, we love historic downtown Chandler, and we love finding new party venues!!! So we promised to visit her shop the next week.

Delicious Peixoto cappuccino! Photo credit: Kelsie Perry
In the meantime, we'd been working with a bridesmaid who was a bit flummoxed for a unique location to host a bridal shower. Not wanting a clubhouse venue option or usual private house party, her vision of the shower lent more to an outside event, But a triple digit Arizona summer was not going to cooperate. So we suggested meeting at Peixoto and see if it could be an option. She was intrigued as well, because the bride to be is a total coffee lover!

And to our giddy delight Peixoto did NOT disappoint!  Peixoto isn't a run of the mill commercially utilitarian type coffee shop. And we were charmed the moment we walked in. Diffused light fills the space from the east and south facing windows. The ambiance is attractive, intimate and inviting. A very appealing platform to host a wistful and dreamy celebration!
With Peixoto as the inspiration, the rest of the planning flowed. A romantic color palette of soft watercolors shades of peach and coral, with shots of pink and splashes of gold was decided upon.  Instead of using fabric table runners, which would have obscured the earthy beauty of the two rustic wooden farm tables, a 3 dimensional ‘runner’ was created using an eclectic mix of vintage vessels from our Vintage Rusticity trove.

Photos courtesy JPitman CWilson
{Table Décor} A fetching assortment of flowers, blush spray roses, pink peonies, coral toned dahlias and mums, fragrant blush toned stock, festive pink ranunculus, lush white hydrangeas, perky yellow Billy Balls, always delightful baby’s breath and lovely pepperberry vines raised the romance level. Sweet petit florals and custom signage were placed throughout the venue to spread the bridal shower color palette and coffee shop theme.

Cut crystal decanters, bird cages, brass candlesticks, mason jars, vintage and repurposed bottles, clocks and a sweet nod to the coffee shop, vintage sugar and creamers, as well as lots and lots of votives.
It was an evening soiree of about 50 invited guests, so light fare was offered. The Peixoto package includes beverages so guests could choose any of their handmade drinks from their menu. GAH! Can we talk about the Ginger Lemongrass Lemonade?!?

For noshing, the mother of the bride and bridesmaids arranged for a dessert station of assorted homemade cheesecake (the bride to be’s fav!) flavors and also a fresh fruit dipping station.

{Fruit Station} Fresh fruit and toppings. Vintage serveware and signage by Vintage Rusticity.
Cheesecake-  Yum yum yum!  Melt in your mouth homemade cheesecakes!

{Photo Garland} Created by the bridesmaids was hug on the Peixoto merch wall. Fresh pink ombre rose petals were strewn all around.
Photo credit: Rita Olvera
Even though ‘private party’ was noted on the sign outside the entrance, there was a steady stream of ‘crashers’ who were drawn to the light emanating from the venue! We had a hard time convincing a few of them it wasn’t a public event!
{Game} The bridesmaids really engaged all the guests with a very thoughtful memory game. Tears and laughter were shared as the bride guessed all the answers!

{Favor Cart} Favors courtesy of bridesmaids, gold cart by Vintage Rusticity

Looks so good with Peixoto's stained wood bar backdrop!
Thanks you favors were lovingly DIY’d by the bridesmaids. Inspired by the coffee shop theme, they collected a charming assortment of retro-vintage coffee mugs and filled with hand stamped burlap bags of coffee flavored candy as well as handmade soaps made from coffee grounds! We are totally gah-gah over these favors!  They were displayed on our gold bar cart. The awesome rustic heart was found by one of the hostess bridesmaids. A super cute display.

{Photo Strip Guest Book} We found a fresh and unique diy gift book idea and tutorial at Something Turquoise using giant photo strips from Social Prints Studio . We wrote instructions on a mirrored vintage lipstick caddy that held the pens for signing the guest book. The couple love it and have a long lasting memento with well wishes to adore their new bedroom wall in Mexico!

Original Engagement Photos used in strip by Natalie Halliwell Photography

{Bridal Beauty!}  The Floral Theory created this breathtaking floral crown! We love that the bride to be was so fresh and sweetly romantic with her boho lace dress and gorgeous floral crown. We are adoring her total vibe down to her on point manicure!

Photo courtesy Hani Harcourt
{Pretty Party People} The guests were so stylishly dressed, Beautiful lit up faces full of smiles. It was a very feminine affair!
Left to Right: Groom's Mom and Aunts, Bride and her Mama, Bride's Grandmother
The Bride and her boho bridemaids
{Gift Opening Station} Peixoto’s amazing brick wall was perfection as the back drop. We added some dangling bistro lights and a sweet peach beribboned pepperberry garland on the guest of honor’s chair.  A sweet sign plus a bouquet of baby’s breath and it was an eye catching vignette.  
{Gifts} Amazing swag!  This bride to be is well loved by her people! 

Peixoto's thoughtful gift to the bride - his & her chalkboard coffee mugs!
Peixoto was a dream venue with dream staff.  They’ve already created an ideal romantic urban chic vibe which didn’t require an overload of extra décor. Thoughtfully placing florals in the party color palette and curated touches of whimsical vintage elements were all that was needed to have a showcase bridal shower and create a memorable event. 
To quote the bride to be "Absolutely the most gorgeous shower EVER!!!" We are still in the clouds over that compliment! 

Party Contributors:
Venue and Beverages: Peixoto Coffee
Bride to be Floral Crown:  The Floral Theory
Invitation: Bones and Berries
Vintage Tabletop Decor, Dessert and Fruit Station Display + Serveware, Party Signage, Floristry, Brick Wall bistro lighting, Photo Strip Guest Book: Vintage Rusticity Rentals
Cheesecakes: Bride's Family Friend
Fresh fruit and dips: Bridesmaids/MOB
Favors, Photo garland and Game: Bridesmaids
Photos: Vintage Rusticity, unless noted

Peixoto Coffee
Julia Peixoto Peters
11 W Boston St #6, Chandler, AZ 85225
(480) 275-2843
Twitter: PeixotoCoffee
Instagram: peixotocoffee

The Floral Theory
Dana Flanik
(480) 278-1309
Instagram: thefloraltheory

Vintage Rusticity Rentals
Yvie Erwin
(602) 677-7564
Twitter: VRVintageRental
Instagram: vintage_rusticity


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