Easy Canapés - Radish Tartine

Having friends of various cultures has so many benefits, especially in the cuisine department! Ever heard of a radish sandwich?? 

Quite some time ago, during an impromptu picnic lunch, a couple of dear friends (who originally hail from Austria) introduced us to these sandwiches promising they tasted better than they smelled. We weren't convinced at the time. At that point was not a fan of the radish. Dad grew them in our garden, but childish tastebuds didn't appreciate their peppery crunchiness. 

When our radish lovin' friends, who have been off on an admirable volunteer endeavor, recently came back for a visit it seemed it would be a fun reminder of past good times to make this treat for them (thanks for the recipe Country Living and Alain Ducasse !)

Happy to say grown up tastebuds found this simple elegant preparation delightfully tasty!

Have to admit too - radish tartine sounds so much more interesting than a radish sandwich. So glad to have been introduced to such simple garden to table goodness. We'll be adding these refreshing bites to our catering menu! 

Bon appetite!  

Photo, vintage tray, catering: Vintage Rusticity
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